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Who is she?

Veda Rouze
(vay-duh rowz)

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Veda is a theater maker, actor, director, spectator, and occasional hula-hooper.


She is committed to experimenting and unlearning, and is often drawn into the worlds of devised, site-specific, and DIY theater.


Veda's work repeatedly gravitates toward bridging the quotidian with the extraordinary—seeking to challenge the boundaries of solo and ensemble performance by breaking barriers between spectator and actor through space, movement, objects, sound, and clown. 


Also, she is very queer and makes very queer art.


(Veda would like you to know that she has recently cut her long hair to free herself from the confines of the heteronormative patriarchy and has not had a chance to take new headshots because nevertheless her art and non-art are always works in progress.)

Recent Work

Water Street Art House

Clothesline Theatre


La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club

The Wooster Group

Educational Theatre Association

Selected Training


Ren Gyo Soh/ Butoh and Movement Training Course

Earthdance/ Interdisciplinary Artist Consortium

Pig Iron School of Theatre/ Something From Nothing

Suzuki Company of Toga & SITI/ Symposium with Tadashi Suzuki

Double Edge Theatre/ Fall Immersion

SITI Company/ Skidmore Summer Workshop

Ongoing Interests










Present Questions

What informs and defines touch?


Does the spectator precede the actor?


How do we play?


And what the fuck? 

(No really... what the literal fuck?!)

CV/Resume with full work and training available upon request

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