What's The Latest?

Dec 23, 2021 A WSAH Christmas Carol! 
Water Street Art House Players proudly presents: A WSAH Christmas Carol
a short radio play brought to you by Generic Cat Food (not just for breakfast). Grab a Brandy Alexander, a candy cane, maybe your cat, and listen to our radio play on youtube here
Dec 4, 2021 Holiday Pop-Up!

Come visit me at Barnegat, NJs Holiday Pop-up. I'll be part of the artist collective—Water Street Art House. Caroling and Tree-lighting galore. Maybe even an appearance by Mr. Kris Kringle himself;)

Nov, 2021 Wandering and Creating...

I'm currently taking the time to take workshops and self-learn. I've discovered that it is the  beauty of being able to reassess, rejuvenate, and create a little something each day.

Oct, 2021 Artist Collective Web Launch! WSAH!

I am part of a family artist collective, and our website just launched! Learn more about us and join our artsy shenanigans at   WSAH!!!!
May 15, 2021 NJ Jr. Virtual Thespian Celebration

I'm currently planning and developing a 
virtual Thespian Cyber Celebration for the Educational Theatre Association. Middle school students from across the state will come together to take workshops, perform, and celebrate their love of theatre! 

May 6, 2021 Do The Virtual Clown Show 2.0

It's May Day Anarchy! Catch me at
Clown Gym's Do The Virtual Clown Show 2.0 with some fantastic funny clowny people. It's a Zoomy show for sure! And, I'll be showing you something too. #remembervedaandherballs? #vedahasbeenrelaxingwithherboxalotlately

April 24—May 24, 2021 Featured in Film Exhibition

My film Carnival has been featured in a film exhibition as the culmination of Ren Gyo Soh's training course. Carnival is an exploration of illusion woven with ecofeminism. 

A special thank you to Water Street Art House.

View the film exhibition here. Carnival is the last film, and  begins at 00:17:18.



April 24, 2021 Ren Gyo Soh Performance Party

"Spring is happening! It is getting warmer, and the flowers are blooming outside. Our training course: Butoh & Movement now comes to the end, and we will have a performance party to celebrate!"Ensemble Members: Veda Rouze, Eddy Kwon, Erikay Hassan, Vuong Nguyen, Saki Kawamura, Jessica Henion, Yuri Ogasawara, Annie McCoy, Sussane Willett, Paula Perlman, Zak Ma. Performance 8-10 PM. Register here.





February—April, 2021 Ren Gyo Soh

I was part of a Butoh performance training course with Ren Gyo Soh. "Through this program, you cultivate your instruments so that you may access not only internal materials, but also external materials around for any creative circumstances."


"My dance is the expansion of human concept—letting a human body metamorphosis into anything including an animal, a plant, even an object which does not have a life, and the fundamental ideology of my butoh is finding the possibility." -Tatsumi Hijikata"



Streaming Now, A WSAH Christmas Carol Radio Play (abridged. Listen/watch here